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Hi I'm Patrick.  I grew up in Texas raising chickens, rabbits, and beef cattle. As long as I remember living in the country, we always had some sort of homestead approach to life.  My mother would dry laundry on the line, and my dad would always be getting ready for next year's garden.  We ended up moving north to New York just before I graduated High school. 


After graduation, I joined the U.S. Navy and was proud to serve our country as a military man.  I served on-board the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), a forward deployed aircraft carrier (stationed in Japan) for four years. It was there I started my adventure.  I got to visit places like China, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Guam and a couple other special places. I got to see first hand the after effects of 9/11 while serving on operations like Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  After that, I served another four year stretch at the heart of America in Washington D.C. working on the staff of our most highest military leaders in the Pentagon.  And once more after that, I served three years in Naples, Italy at the U.S. Sixth Fleet Headquarters.  There I saw the efforts of Operation Odyssey Dawn and got to visit many countries throughout Europe.  I also met the love of my life, Megan.  Imagine a full dress Scottish wedding in the heart of Naples, Italy!


Shortly after marriage and after 11 years in the military, I was forced out by a force reduction policy. I was quickly yanked out of the military lifestyle and found myself as a Civilian in North Carolina.  Keeping to what I am used to, I was quickly employed by our Government, and here I am today, working as a military contractor.   Leaving the military was a quick slow-down from such a fast paced life.  I was getting used to having my own yard and became happy with the fact that I could once again work towards those old days in the south where I could have a garden, a few chickens, and maybe a rabbit or two.  We set out a goal to move from that house onto a real homestead. 


Now we are calling our new home the Break Away Homestead.  A two acre lot with plenty of space to become a learner of self sufficiency and land/animal husbandry.  My plan is to use this plot to not only improve our skills, but enrich our lives.  With my upbringing and the many lessons learned in the military, I think we just might have the discipline to make this work.  I hope you plan to join us in our endeavors and look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Hi I'm Megan! I had a completely different upbringing than Patrick. I am the daughter of military officer, so we moved around a bit. All of our food was bought from a grocery store! The most exotic animals that we had were hamsters, guinea pigs, and parakeets (along with the multiple dogs and cats that graced our lives). It started a deep seated love for animals that still continues to this day.

While playing women's soccer in college, I aggravated an old injury that caused me to stop playing. At that point, my parents were moving to Italy for a job. They asked if I wanted to come along. Early 20's? Living in Europe? Yes, please! It was then that I met Patrick in an Irish pub in the middle of Naples, Italy!

We did indeed have a full Scottish wedding, complete with properly worn kilts (nothing underneath!) and bagpipes. I am Scottish and Irish and celebrate my heritage fully. I started playing the bagpipes when I was a young girl. I have played in rock bands, traditional bands, and also as a competitive soloist.

I am now the mother to a two year old tornado. He fills my heart with such joy as often as he destroys the living room! I also work full time at the local animal shelter. It is a difficult yet full-filling job that I love very much.

I am so excited to start our homesteading journey. I look forward to becoming more self-sufficient as a family, as well as learning from our mistakes and failures to find what works best for us. As with parenting, I feel like there will be certain things that we struggle or outright fail at. However, we can acknowledge and learn how to adapt the issue to our particular situation. I am also excited to teach Huxley where his food comes from and how to grow it himself. While gardening is more of Pat's thing than mine (I can kill a cactus), I am very interested in the animal side of homesteading. I cannot wait to see what I can convince Pat we need next!

Thank you for joining us on our homesteading journey!!