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The Adults...

Patrick and Megan are finally getting into the groove!  Married ten years, we met in Naples, Italy.  After moving back to the states, we set our goals out pretty well to have a homestead within five years.  This is exactly what we did. After some extensive searching, we found a log cabin on two acres for a really good price.  Already in homesteading mode, we moved our chickens and rabbit with us. Now we are ready for the next step in homesteading...  Homesteading itself!


The Kids...

This is Huxley..  He's our five year old.  You've never met a kid so energetic, so happy, and so big!!  He's pushing 65 lbs and comes up to my hips!  He loves his dogs and chicky birdies.

This is Maiori.  She was supposed to be 1/2 Labrador Retriever and 1/2 Golden Retriever (at least that's what we paid for).  Either way, she is our large dog. She is named after a little town of the central coast of Italy on the Amalfi Coast.  She's growing so fast! 

This is LB...  She's a little Chihuahua that my wife got us.  She's going on 2 years old and is a sassy little pup.  She spends her time either barking at the cats or snuggling with Bing.

This is Jack Jack...  No he's not dead...  This is one of his many poses!  He is the offspring of one of our old outdoor cats (Confetti), who was born in our last home.  He's huge!  This cat is also special because he has no depth perception.  So, he's fun to watch!  And he's a lazy bum..

This is Charlie (Short for Charlie Alpha Tango - or CAT).  She is the first cat we rescued from an abandoned van in Naples, Italy.  She's the Queen B of the house, and she knows it...

This is Rookie! She is an diva for sure.  Maybe one day she'll make up her mind on whether or not she wants to be petted!

This is Bing Clawsby - He a new edition that seems to be the right fit... This cant enjoys being a lazy bum.. and likes donuts...

This is Adolph Kitler (Can you guess why?).  He is our most prized outdoor cat.  This cat hunts predators and protects our chickens (yes he protects our birds).  He is a squirrel chasing snake hunting champ.

Finally we have Muncher (Most likely related to Adolph). Another outdoor kitty.  Another rescue from some neighbors that kept burning her with cigarettes.  She would be a great indoors cat.  The only problem, she keeps going back outside..  So, she stays out there.