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The Open Source Library

One of my biggest problems in homesteading / prepping is not having all the info where I could easily find it..  Easy fix (but time consuming) was to sit down a make a list of all possible things could happen or things could need more information on. Then I put my search engine hat on and saved every public sourced info bit I could find.  Feel free to use it to your advantage.  Some of it may seem WAY OUT THERE, but there is even valuable information in these publications.  Because of the enormity of this library, I will be separating the information by category.   

Disclaimer - this library is for mature audiences only.  We will not be held responsible for any young eyes seeing information they should not.

So - Read Read Read!!  Be sure to rate your read so by the end of the year I can cut out the less helpful information to make room for new content.

Natural Disasters 


Animal Husbandry

Man-Made Disasters