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Thank you for joining us here at the BreakAway Homestead.  We here at the homestead are very concerned for the recent outbreak of the Novel Wuhan Corona-virus.  As information becomes available, we will be updating this Questions/Answers section with current numbers of the stats of this Pandemic every evening.  

Here are the facts (Updated 16 PM EST, 14 February 2020)

Q: How many cases have been confirmed?

A: 71,329 (67,100 Yesterday)

Q:How Many Countries Are Affected?

A: 29 (No Change)

Australia: 15 (No Change)

Belgium: 1 (No Change)

Cambodia: 1 (No Change)

China: 70,550 (66,492 Yesterday) 

Egypt: 1 (No Change)

France: 12 (11 Yesterday) 

Finland: 1 (No Change)

Germany: 16 (No Change)

Hong Kong: 57 (56 Yesterday)

India: 3 (No Change)

Italy: 3 (No Change)

Japan: 411 (259 Yesterday)

Macau: 10 (No Change)

Malaysia: 22 (19 Yesterday)

Nepal: 1 (No Change)

Philippines: 3 (No Change)

Russia: 2 (No Change)

Singapore: 75 (67 Yesterday)

South Korea: 30 (28 Yesterday)

Spain: 2 (No Change)

Sri Lanka: 1 (No Change)

Sweden: 1 (No Change)

Taiwan: 20 (18 Yesterday)

Thailand: 34 (33 Yesterday)

United Arab Emirates: 8 (No Change)

United Kingdom: 9 (No Change)

Vietnam: 16 (No Change)

United States: 15 (No Change)

Arizona: 1 Case (No Change)

California: 8 Cases (No Change)

Illinois: 2 Cases (No Change)

Massachusetts: 1 Case (No Change)

Texas: 1 Case (No Change)

Washington: 1 Case (No Change)

Wisconsin: 1 Case (No Change)

Canada: 8 (No Change)


British Columbia: 4 Cases (No Change)

Ontario: 4 Cases (No Change)

Q: How many people have died from this Corona-Virus?

A: 1,775 (1,526 Yesterday)

Q: How many people have recovered from this Corona-Virus?

A: 10,972 (8,263 Yesterday)

Q: What's the current death rate of this Corona-Virus so far?

A: 2.48% (2.27%Yesterday) 

Q: What is the incubation period currently on this Corona-Virus?

A: 2-24 Days before symptoms occur

Q: Are people contagious during the incubation period?

A. Yes

Q: Is scanning for a fever the most effective way to detect the Wuhan


A: No - Many confirmed cases show no signs of fever


Posted 2/14/2020


I haven't seen a better update on the Novel Coronavirus than Dr. Chris Martenson.  He's an economic researcher by trade, but he completed both a PhD and post-doctoral program at Duke University. His specialty was in neurotoxicology.  His background makes his opinion count in my book.  These will be updated as they are updated, and he's doing a great job at updating this on a daily basis. 

Posted 2/12/2020

CDC Answers some very important questions.

Posted 2/12/2020


Lancaster University in the UK says that the actual number of infected cases are more likely 10 to 25 times the reported numbers from the World Health Organization in China.  That is @x10=597,970 up to @x25=1,494,925.

What about the # of deaths?