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We have a BeEmergency!

June 6, 2018


I noticed that my hive was not being a busy bee hive.  So I opened it up and, uh oh... No queen!  The bees looked like they didn't know what to do but wait... And waiting they were! Waiting for a single supersedure cell to emerge a new queen.. This is indeed a hairy situation...  Here are the options..


Pray... Pray that thee queen hatches... mates.. and continues on the circle of life (((SIMBA!)))


If I had another bee-hive I could simply dump the bees into that one to make it stronger a get a split later down the road... But ALAS...  I only have one hive...


Requeen immediately - buy and introduce a new queen asap.


I decided to go with the first option..  Now...  The ...  Wait...  


I'll update you folks in a week to see if the cell hatches and produces... Cheers!

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