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Microfiber Ick.... And How to Destroy It!

November 10, 2018


Hey folks!  We have a Microfiber couch and about once every six months we'll look at it and go, "Ewww, we should really clean that!"  With the constant bombardment of not only our booties, but the bums of our dogs and cats, everything from juice, coffee, and other food items gets onto the the sofa / and wiped down with a paper towel (in other words ground into the fabric to dry and look nasty).  But did you know that microfiber statically charged to attract dust and dirt and among other things our skin cells (and pet dander) clings to the surface to be ground into it when we sit down...  And eventually...  Fabreeze won't cut the smell or look of your cushions..


Now instead of going through every annoying step..  Let me cut  to the chase... And the chase is down-right Nasty.  If I were Jack Nicholson, I'd say "You Can't Handle The Truth!"  But, I'm going to show it to you anyway...



 Do you see how the flash just reflects off the surface? That's oil from human/pet skin...


Now that I have your attention, let me tell you..  This is actually normal!  We clean our cushions at least twice a year!


You may be disgusted by our cushion covers (I know we are!), but here is what you can do about it..


When washing your microfiber cushions, always use cold water.  Anything else will make your fabric change is size or color.  


Next make yourself a strong detergent that is going to  get the ICK out...


My Super Secret Detergent Recipe

Specifically made for those of you who don't enjoy your pets on the couch


1/4 Cup of Regular Baking Soda

1/4 Cup of Washing Soda (found in your laundry isle)



1/4 Cup of Zote Washing Soap (Either already flaked or shredded from the bar (found in your laundry isle)


4 Drops of Essential Oil - Lemon

4 Drops of Essential Oil - Tangerine


Take your Baking and Washing Soda and place them in a seal-able jar.  Add your essential oils and shake the ever living crap out of it... Then add your Zote soap flakes and and shake again.  Place the mixture in the bottom of your washing machine tub and start your REGULAR laundry cycle (leave the lid open it will stop when it's full of water).  Mix the water around (I use a broom handle) until those Zote soap flakes have dissolved. Add your cushion covers and use that object to make sure that they are fully saturated.  Shut the lid and let it do it's thing.


Second Round! - Repeat step one!


As you can see, the second round shows the muck is gone!  I only do a second washing to ensure all nastiness is out of these covers.  


Line Dry your covers - DO NOT PUT THESE INTO THE DRYER! 


So Why these particular oils?

Well not only do they smell awesome, but specifically, your animals don't like the smell of citrus.  Using this is pleasing to us, but our furry friends do not like it.  So.. It keeps these critters at bay.  Maybe consider using a spray infused with citrus essential oil to freshen up your couch every week.


Can I Change it Up?

Sure you can!!!  You can use almost any essential oil that pleases your nose instead of the two oils I use above.


Where do you shop for Essential Oils?

To each their own on this matter.  I'm a dude... I want only the best..  But at the cheapest price!  I highly recommend Piping Rock for this reason.  They are amazing producers of so many health related products that ensure top quality at the lowest price!  Don't believe me? Check them out for yourself and do a little trial of your own!  Click on the picture below to see what kind of savings you can put back into your pocket!





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