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When Soap is More Than Soap - It's Warrior's Repose

January 1, 2019

As the minutes tick closer to midnight, I am typing this blog to share with you my experience with Warrior's Repose, made by Robyn Rehr from the Big Bear Homestead. 





After the Homesteaders of America Conference in October of this year, Robyn had mentioned a soap she was working on to help with stress and anxiety caused by every day life.  The name of the original soap was up in the air - but at that time it was going to be PTSD Soap - because of  it's calming effects.  Fast forward a couple of months and I was fortunate enough to get two bars from her first "public" batch.



Before I made my purchase, I asked her how her trials were going and she basically said, "This stuff is going to knock you out... When I tried it, I ended up sleeping in.." We all know... Robyn doesn't sleep in.... Ever......












Before I get into the experience, I want to first say, there was a book I read a few years back called "The Healing Bath," by Milli D. Austin.  It talks of essential oil therapy and the deep healing it offers in a physical and spiritual way.  


It also talks of the healing properties of natural stones. The most common being lapis..  Lapis encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity.




So, in goes the stone into the tub and I start the water.  I unpacked the soap and placed it under the running water and the fun began..  I crank up the diffuser that has grapefruit EO.  Turn the Pandora onto the relaxation channel and stepped into the tub.


Once in, I pulled the soap from the tub and observed that about one quarter of the bar had dissolved in the water.. 


I sit back and I relax into this bath and it was definitely an experience.  As I leaned back into the tub from the sitting position a warm sensation drew up my back and into the the base of the back of my head.  Almost as if a warm heating pad was being placed on my back. Furthermore, I submerged my head into the water then rise back up into a sitting position.


This is where it gets interesting...


I'm totally relaxed, I breath in through my nose and smell something familiar...  I focus on the smell and it goes away... Getting back to relaxation, I smell it again...  What I smell, I can't tell you... But it was from my childhood - almost as if I was smelling a memory from long ago...


I quickly look at the ingredients on the back of the tag and none of the essential oils in this bar was related to that smell...  So... That was interesting.....


Big Bear Soap Smack-down...


As this night progresses, I'm feeling more and more relaxed...  I just got up from a live stream and literally felt like I a heavy blob of goo...  And I'm not kidding...  As soon as that ball drops...  I'm going to bed... And will sleep sooooo  well..


I am highly impressed with this soap and will be ordering again. soon.  Let me just say that Robyn does not skimp when it comes to the quality of her products.


I would recommend that if you have any stress related problems ,anxiety, or sleeplessness, to give this soap a try..  If you know someone with any type of the same issues, to be a good friend and get him/her a bar.


You can find this soap on the Big Bear Homestead Store at:




 T Minus 5 Minutes - Happy New Year Folks! 


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